13:34 PM

Prayer and Moment of Silence for Israel

By MHM's Spiritual Care and Church Connections Pastors

This past week, we at Methodist Healthcare Ministries have seen the news of the tragic events that are taking place in Israel and Palestine. Our hearts break and we grieve for the communities and people whose lives are being impacted daily by what is happening.  As a faith-based organization, we invite you to join us in a personal moment of silence and prayer for all these precious people who have lost family, friends, and their homes.

Our Prayer:

Lord in your mercy we pray for the countries of Israel and Palestine at this time, and all the precious people that are being impacted by these tragic events. Once again, we hear the cries of our brothers and sisters mourning the loss of their children. Israel has come under attack, but they are not alone in their grief. Palestinian Christians and other peaceful people are crying out to you, as well. We pray for quick and lasting resolutions, so that all will at last know what it is to share in your shalom.

Lord, in the midst of all that goes on in the world we know that your presence is not apart from us, and so we ask that you would bring comfort to all who have lost loved ones, friends and homes in this conflict.  We know that you are able to make a way where there seems to be no path forward and so we call upon that power now.

We pray that you would be a refuge and protection for all your children and gather them to your side as our Good Shepherd.  And we ask that you watch over all­both day and night. We pray this in the powerful name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. Amen.

Grace and Peace.