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Social Work Myths vs. Facts - Week Four

March is National Social Work Month. For 2012, the month of March is dedicated to the Social Work profession with the theme of, "Social Work Matters." 

As part of this celebration, MHM and Methodist Healthcare would like to present you with the second installment of our weekly series of Social Work, "Myths vs. Facts."


Social workers only enable families to continue to use the "system."


Social workers believe that is is important to EMPOWER and educate patients and families to feel confident. To best support the patients and families, we believe that it is important to first recognize their needs, strengths, and abilities. 


Once a social worker has the degree, no ongoing education is required.


Social workers complete at least 30 hours of continuing education units every two years, including six hours of ethics. Also, they continue to leanr abou the new and changing programs available to their clients.

Do you have any questions about the Social Work profession? Share them here (by posting a comment below)! We are happy to address any misconceptions, curiosities or thoughts you have about Social Work.

To learn more about National Social Work Month, visit www.socialworkers.org.